Which subjects to choose in the IB?

All IB students get special university and college admissions certification. In addition to CAS and TOK the students choose six subjects: One subject from each of the subject groups (groups 1-5), and in additon one subject from group 1, 2, 3 or 4.

If you choose two languages from group 1, no language from group 2 is chosen. Vardafjell Upper Secondary School currently does not offer subjects in group 6 - The arts. 


All subjects cover two years. HL (higher level) subjects are 5 lessons a week, SL (standard level) are taught 3 lessons a week. During the two years of the IB, this constitutes 240 HL lessons and a minimum of SL lessons. The student normally chooses 3 HL subjects and 3 SL subjects.




Group 1 subjects offered:

  • Norwegian A literature HL
  • English A language and literature HL/SL
  • Language A literature self-taught SL 

Group 2 subjects offered:

  • English B HL
  • Spanish/French/German ab intio or B - if enough students sign up. May also be considered as Pamoja taught subjects

Group 3 subjects offered:

Group 4 subjects offered:

  • Physics HL/SL
  • Chemistry HL/SL
  • Biology HL/SL

Group 5 subjects offered:

  • Mathematics: Analysis and approaches course HL (taught by Pamoja Education)
  • Mathematics: Application and interpretation course HL/SL
  • Last exam in May 2020: Mathematics HL/SL and Mathematical studies SL