TOK, CAS and EE - exclusively for IB students

In addition to studying six academic subjects, the IB student undertakes the following:

TOK (Theory of Knowledge) is a subject teaching the student to see the link between the different subjects and to improve the ability of critical thinking, personal reflection and analytic capability.

EE (Extended Essay) is the personal and individual writing of a 4000 words essay on a research project in a subject chosen by the student with the subject teacher as the student's personal tutor.

CAS (Creativity - Activity - Service) is an extra-curricular programme with personal development as the aim to make the student challenge his creativity, making him more involved in physical activity on a personal basis, - and more involved in sosial activity of different types.

The CAS programme corresponds to on average approximately two hours a week not included on the student's ordinary school timetable, and all students get a tutor for the planning of the CAS activities. The planned CAS activities is undertaken over an 18 month period.