The IB Diploma Programme

Vardafjell videregående skole has been an IB World School since November 2003. It offers the IB Diploma Programme. The school is state funded. The head of the school is Ragnhild Aspen Alvsaker.  


The International Baccalaureate gives the Diploma holder special university and college admissions certification in Norway and abroad.




If you generally like being a student and want a different type of upper secondary school which will give you:
• more practise of spoken and written English
• a different Norwegian subject with focus on literature reading and literary analysis, all writing in your preferred Norwegian language only (hovedmål)
• in-depth study in a limited selection of subjects
• an internationlly recognized upper secondary diploma..

.. then our school's IB Diploma Programme may be something for your!



Contact Information

telephone: +47 52 70 99 10

Spannaveien 25
 5532 Haugesund

Administration opening hours: 07.30-15-30

Or through IBO