Mathematics with the IB

There are three subjects to choose from over two years:

  • Mathematics HL, on a level higher than the mathematics offered in the national educational system (more than R1 + R2 or S1 + S2), often required by prestigious universities like the universities of Oxford and Cambridge for e.g. engineering students.
  • Mathematics SL recognized on equal terms with the highest level of mathematics in the national educational system (R1 + R2) for admission to universities and colleges.
  • Mathematical Studies corresponding to the national mathematics subjects of S1 + S2, but not covering the demands of R1 + R2 ( the highest mathematics in the national system). Mathematical Studies covers the demands for the university and college study codes of ALMREA, BIOI, MATRS, MEROD, REALFA, TANN, VETE, - with the possibility of applying to medicine, veterinary and dental studies. Mathematical Studies generates 0,5 bonus point.

The school's counsellor is happy to give the applicant personal help in choosing the right subject of mathematics. More information can be found here

From August 2019 (first exams in May 2021) two new math courses will be offered; Mathematics: analysis and approaches (HL/SL) and Mathematics: application and interpretation (HL/SL) - more information can be found here